Meet the Families

The families you will read about below are a perfect example of our mission and your generous support in action.

The Hulsey Family

The Hulsey Family (Sadie (3), Candace (Mom), and little sis Lanier) from Wilmington, NC were residents  in the ReCOOPERation house for 5 weeks in early 2014 while receiving treatment at UNC Hospital.

“We are so grateful to be able to stay at the Super ReCOOPERation House for a few weeks to accomodate Sadie’s treatment at UNC.  It’s a lovely, comfortable and clean home, perfect for a three-year-old with a compromised immune system and her weary family.  A big special thanks for making us feel so welcomed and keeping us well fed.”

Candace Hulsey

sadie and family

The Lockhart Family

The Lockhart’s (Nathan (6), Beth (Mom), and niece Sarah) stayed in the Super ReCOOPERation house in 2013 and again in 2014 while Nathan was receiving treatment at Duke, far away from their home in Providence, Kentucky.

“It is amazing work your Foundation is doing to support families like us fighting brain tumors- your incredible hard work shows by the love in the house.  Staying in the house has saved me thousands of dollars that weren’t there to begin with.”

Beth Lockhart


The Hemingway Family

This video highlights Debbie’s story of caring for her grandson while he fights a brain tumor. Debbie adopted John when he was 3 after her own daughter died from the same type of brain cancer that John now battles. Debbie and John were driving an hour and half twice a day for his treatment which was not only costly but exhausting for a child going through cancer treatments.   The Super ReCOOPERation suite at the Ronald McDonald House in Durham took the burden of travel and cost of a hotel stay off the table and allowed them to focus on John’s health.


The Freeland Family

The Freeland family speaks about their experiences when their son Ben was diagnosed with stage 4 brain and spinal cancer.