Important Announcement from Super Cooper

Dear Super Cooper Community,

When Cooper was diagnosed with cancer in 2009, our family, along with all of you, embarked on a mission to support families facing similar and unimaginable circumstances. When we started the foundation in August 2010, we never could have imagined what this would look like 13 years later.  Thanks to this incredible and unwavering support, the foundation has provided housing, nutritional support, and transportation, making a positive impact on the lives of over 550 children and their families fighting pediatric cancer over the course of a decade.

It is with a heavy heart that we must share the difficult decision to bring the Super Cooper Little Red Wagon Foundation to an end. The past decade has been marked by your unwavering support, for which we are forever grateful. However, the difficulties posed by the fundraising environment during the pandemic, combined with the evolving personal situations of our foundation team members, have led us to conclude that now is the right time to take this step.  This was not an easy choice, as we are very aware of the vital role this foundation has played in the lives of those battling childhood cancer.  This decision did not come lightly but it is important for us to be honest with ourselves and recognize that the continuation of the foundation, in its current form, would not be sustainable.

As we close this chapter of our lives, we reflect on the countless stories of strength and perseverance we have witnessed together. The impact you have made on the lives of these brave families will forever remain a testament to the power of compassion and community.

We also want to recognize and say a very special thank you to Jennifer Thompson, Super Cooper’s Housing Coordinator and more importantly our friend, for her work, love, and support over these past years.
While we say farewell to Super Cooper’s Little Red Wagon Foundation, the need to support childhood cancer at a local level is ever present.  We are so blessed to have such incredible medical centers in our backyard, and they remain deep in the fight and rely heavily on community assistance to provide care for their patients.  All remaining foundation funds will be donated to both Duke and UNC pediatric oncology clinics, and we hope you will consider continuing this support by relocating your donations to them as well.

Once again, we thank this loving community for walking beside us over these past 13 years.   Please know that the impact of your generosity will continue long after the Foundation’s closure. While this chapter is ending, we know that Cooper’s spirit has been and remains the constant reminder to do good and make a positive change in the world.

With love and gratitude,
The Herman Family – Justin, Elise, Grace, Elliott, and forever in spirit – Cooper